Julie Wosk’s new book My Fair Ladies: Female Robots, Androids, and Other Artificial Eves

(Rutgers University Press,  2015)














See www.myfairladiesbook.com and the story about the book in London’s The Guardian



Julie Wosk’s My Fair Ladies takes us on an amazing tour of  artificial  females in art,  film, television, literature---and today's startling electronic robots that look so real they can easily fool the eye.  The book’s images of  female robots, mannequins, and  mechanical dolls  showcases the fascinating story of how men throughout history have used the tools of technology to create the “perfect woman."

As  technology has advanced over the past century, the figure of the lifelike simulated woman has popped up  everywhere from Bride of Frankenstein to The Stepford Wives to  Her  and more. The book also highlights women filmmakers and artists who are creating their own witty versions of simulated females, and women working in the field of robotics who are reshaping the field in imaginative ways.